SS Rajamouli + Mahesh Babu Movie - SSMB29 | Deeksha Sharma

SS Rajamouli + Mahesh Babu Movie - SSMB29 Announcement Reaction By Deeksha Sharma. SSMB 29 Featuring Mahesh Babu Directed by SS Rajamouli is set to become the most expensive Indian Film ever made with Budget almost 5 times of RRR & 10 times of Baahubali. SSMB29 Teaser Trailer is far from its release but New Update has established its connection with Ramayana which has created lot of buzz. SSMB29 Full Movie Expectations would be shared in this Video. Will Rajamouli repeat the Success of RRR Globally or Mahesh Babu North India factor will let the film down? Do leave your Public Review in the Comments Section.

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