Simmba | Teaser Trailer Action Shoot | Exclusive | 2018

Simmba | Teaser Trailer Action Shoot | Exclusive | 2018

Starring: Ranveer Singh | Sara Ali Khan
Directed By: Rohit Shetty


You heard it here first folks, this action packed flick guided by the hand of Rohit Shetty starring our favourite mischevious Ranveer Singh as a cop is definitely going to be a hit in the making. It’s still in production but appears to be full of punches physically and comically (OF COURSE).

Simmba is a partial retake of ‘Temper’ the Tamil film which focussed on two people — Daya, a corrupt police officer earning illegal money by leveraging his capacity as an official and an influential smuggler Waltair Vasu with whom Daya joins hands. But Shetty says that only a few scenes have been copied for stylisation and Simmba will prove to be an independent success.

We Say: Looking forward to the release with the soon to be dulha raja in his happiest moment of life ever. Gotta Watch if only for the over the top action stunts!

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