Sholay | Trailer | 1975

In this Indian Western style action film, ‘Thakur’ (Sanjeev Kumar) has hired two small-time criminals to do some dirty work for him that he cannot get the police to do.

He is a retired police inspector and seeks revenge on a bandit and his gang for mutilating him, murdering his family, and terrorising the poor of his region. ‘Veeru’ and ‘Jai’ are likeable characters, and soon the gang-leader, the infamous ‘Gabbar’, and his henchmen have reason to regret their previous behaviour. Many remember great lines such as ‘Kithnay admi they”.

The film has been a Cult Classic since 1975 with an all star cast in Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Hema Malini and mega hit songs like “Mehbooba Mehbooba” and “Yeh Dosti’.

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