Samantar 2 - Official Trailer | MX Original Series | Streaming on @MX Player from 1 July


Nakki kay lihila aahe Chakrapani chya bhootkaal and Kumar chya bhavishyaat? Aani kay Kumar todu shakel nasheebachya hya pherya la?

Paha #Samantar2 madhye, releasing on 1 July only on @MX Player

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Key Cast: Swwapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit, Sai Tamhankar and Nitish Bharadwaj

About Samantar 2:
Now that Kumar has found Chakrapani – his turbulent search has finally ended. With the condition of turning one page of Chakrapani's diary at a time to know his fate – his life momentarily seems to be taking a turn for the better, however, a sudden turn of events leads to Kumar's life going downhill once again.

Is fate inevitable or will Kumar be able to turn things around for himself by cheating his destiny? The larger question is, who is this mystery woman that is meant to enter his life?
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