Raees | Trailer | 2017

Raees | Trailer | 2017

This is one of the worst movies made and acted specially by SRK. The way he walks in the movie with skinny body try to look macho doesn’t really came out well and I strongly believe that SRK is now too old to play this type of macho role rather it’s about time he tried his hand in playing more powerful roles acting his age.

The film may be set in the ’80s but it also takes the cinematic liberties that films made in the era did. A song sequence to mark every occasion, chest-beating reactions, laboured death scenes (complete with slow-mo falls and multiple bullets punched from pointblank range to complete the job) and loud internal monologues (“Ya Allah, what have I done?” says Raees to no one in particular).

In the action scenes, SRK mounts walls and leaps over buildings with the agility of Contra. But this is barely enough to make up for his loud and lazy performance. The actor seems to be too preoccupied with doing a Bachchan and ending up like Raju Srivastav on a bad night. Investing in Mahira Khan’s visa was a wasted cause as the actress can barely construct half an expression. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is surely the only redeeming factor in Raees but sadly, his parts are brief.

We Say: Seriously guys if you want to torture yourself then go for it.

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