Pataakha | Official Trailer | 2018

Pataakha | Official Trailer | 2018 | Vishal Bhardwaj | Sanya Malhotra | Radhika Madan | Sunil Grover

Based on Charan Singh Pathik’s short story ‘Do Behnein’, Pataakha narrates the story of two feuding sisters who realise the true nature of their relationship only after marriage separates them.

All siblings quarell but not to the level of these two, they are everywhere together but unhappily so as they always end up arguing bitterly until marriage finally separates them so that they can fulfil their individual potential.

We Say: This is a really clever depiction of the close bond with India and Pakistan narrated through 2 sisters. That love-hate relationship where you realise there is more in common than not.

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