Mulk | Official Trailer | Aug 2018

Mulk | Official Trailer | Rishi Kapoor & Taapsee Pannu | Anubhav Sinha | 3rd Aug 2018

Rishi Kapoor is an ‘aam admi’ making an honest living in a joint family with his brother who is also married.

His nephew becomes brainwashed into a terrorist activity and is killed in the encounter. What follows is the daily torment of his brother ‘Bilal’ in jail for the duration of the trial of which both are charged with terrorism related offences.

His daughter-in-law (half Hindu) is a lawyer who attempts to prove their innocence and in the process illustrate that nowadays Muslims have to show they are loyal Indians that love their country and are not all terrorists.

We Say: Rishi Kapoor looks and walks the part, this could have been a really serious game changer but somehow lacks the sharp finishing for a blockbuster performance. Nonetheless… Go Watch!

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