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Rohit Shetty's new Desi Chinese Blockbuster featuring the one and only Ranveer Ching is 'Made In India'! The mouth-watering entertainer features a bunch of women kidnapped by villains desperate to know the secret formula. And there's only one true Desi Chinese Superhero who can rescue them – RANVEER CHING! NOW RELEASED ALL OVER!

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About Ching's Secret - As they say, the way to win over a Hindustani's heart is through Desi Chinese! And there's only one Desi Chinese food brand that can make desi hearts beat even faster – Ching's Secret! Saucy. Spicy. Sweet and sour. Hot and sour. Crunchy. Slurpy. Zesty. Schezwani. Manchurian… Whatever be the kind of Desi Chinese your palate craves for, only Ching's Secret can hit the spot with its perfect taste.

I ♥ Desi Chinese
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