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Title - Ganpat Movie Trailer ....

Friends, even though the film "Baagi 3" released during lockdown, could not do much at the box office due to the coronavirus..But in this film, their love chemistry with actor "Tiger Shroff", with tremendous action, "Shraddha Kapoor" Simultaneously, the brilliant acting of actor "Ritesh Deshmukh" had also made four moons, due to which the film got immense love from the audience.

But even though this film has not been able to do a wonderful collection at the box office ... but actor "Tiger Shroff" is going to be seen again on screen with one such tremendous and action-packed film "Ganpat". .. Yes, we are going to see the film "Ganpat" soon ...!

So, in this video of our day, we are going to tell you about the film "Ganpat", which will be the starcast, what will be the story and when will the film come.

So if you also want to know about all these things related to the film "Ganpat", then stay with us till the end of this video and also for "Tiger Shroff" actor called "Youth Icon" of the film industry. Do not forget to like our video!

Actor "Tiger Shroff", who received the title of "Youth Icon" from the Bollywood industry, has acted in only 8 films so far, but in each of his films, we have got a glimpse of an action hero .. and not only He has also made films super hit with his dancing style, he was also seen as an action hero in the movie "War" released before the film "Baaghi 3", and in the film "Baagi 3" he also made an action hero There was a lot of applause from the audience by playing the role .. Although the film "Baaghi 3" was a very big budget film .. But due to the coronavirus, it did not earn much at the box office, but still the actor in the film "Tiger Shroff "Action Avatar" was well received.

Due to this, actor "Tiger Shroff" is going to be seen again with this same action look. And the name of this film is going to be "Ganpat ..!" The official announcement has been made, and work has also started on the script of the film .. Please tell that the film will be made under the direction of "Super 30" director "Vikas Bahl", which is a sports drama film. Vali, the film will be based on a boxer in Mumbai, showing the journey from the street of a boxer named "Ganpat" to a boxer of international level. And in this film, we will see double the action as well as romance and emotions. Dodge will be seen.

If we talk about the star cast of the film, then it is being told that the name of actor "Tiger Shroff" has been approached as the lead actor in the film, who plays boxer "Ganpat" as the lead actor in the film. , And also in the film we will be seen starring actor "Ajay Devgan" .. But as of now it is not revealed what the role of actor "Ajay Devgan" will be in the film. The name of the actress has also been revealed, it is being told that in the film, the actress "Himanshi Khurana" will be seen as the lead actress, who is known for the film "Sadda Haq", along with all of the film. More than half of the preparations have been done, and now the shooting of the film will also start soon, and since the audience came to know about this film, there has been a lot of excitement among the audience about this film. Is ...

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