Gadar 2 Trailer - Kaha Hai Bhai? | Deeksha Sharma

Gadar 2 Trailer - Kaha Hai Bhai? Reaction By Deeksha Sharma. Gadar 2 Sunny Deol Movie is all set to release next month 11 August in theatres & Clash with Akshay Kumar OMG 2 Movie. Gadar 2 Teaser didn't create the Hype which was expected & now Khairiyat Gadar 2 Arijit Singh Song left zero impact on Audience. Now Gadar 2 Full Movie Fate depends on Trailer of the film with Sunny Deol & Team delaying the trailer for some reason. Can Gadar repeat the Success after 22 years & Become the No.1 Sequel in the History of Bollywood or OMG 2 vs Gadar 2 Debate won't be settled such easily? Do leave your Public Review in the Comments below.

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