Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat | Official Trailer | 2018

Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat | Official Trailer | 2018

Starring: Sanjay Mishra | Chandrachoor Rai

This is a story of a Pandit, who lives at Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. He is very ambitious to be a baba like Murari Bapu. He has spent 55yrs of his life but did not achieve his goal.

Now, his children are of marital age and working. The daughter teaches in a local coaching centre in Mathura and his son is preparing for civil services in Bareilly. Due to financial crises, Pandit is not able to plan the marriage of his daughter which had been agreed two years ago with a local boy. Now, his daughter’s would be in laws add extreme pressure to get on with the marriage on EKKEES TAREEKH.

One day the pandit’s friend advised him of a convoluted plot to SELL his son to raise funds for his daughter. Helpless, the pandit agreed and starts to explore the market. During this exercise, pandit gets a rich Bengali lady who offers a lot for his son.

After that pandit organises two marriages on the same day, which is Ekkees tareekh but his son and would be son in law (Damad) have been kidnaped from the baaraat. Pandit and his relatives go to the police but they did not find the grooms. After the kidnaping, the kidnaper found out that the Pandit’s son became an IAS officer so he is plans to save his life. What happens next is more crazy until the very end.

We Say: Bheja Fry Plot, enjoy if you have the time!

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