Bombairiya | Official Trailer | 2019

Bombairiya | Official Trailer | 2019

Starring: Radhika Apte | Siddhanth Kapoor | Akshay Oberoi | Ravi Kishan

In ‘Bombariya’, Radhika will be seen as a film publicist who mobile gets snatched by a thief. She chases the thief fearing the MMS in the phone could bring bad reputation to her and the Bollywood Actor involved if its leaked.

The MMS is that of a love making scene of Radhike Apte and the one who played B-Town Actor under the shower after Holi celebrations.

We Say: This is quite a bold role but not unique for Radhika. Whilst she has portrayed the role with some modicum of decency, it is just getting all to dirty on the Bollywood screen these days. Is it really necessary to literally bare all in a regurgitation of the same type of story again and again. No top actor would do this, so why do the B and class always seem ready to?

Hmm 50-50, a few scenes of note that’s all folks!

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