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tital-juggler 2 trailer.

"Ye Kali Kali Aankhen, Ye Gore Gaal" is this song of the film "Baazigar" which was a big hit,

But more than this song, the audience had appreciated the tremendous acting of "Shahrukh Khan", who was seen in a negative role for the first time, whose dialogue
"Only the loser is called juggler"
Even today, people are on the tongue

  Along with them, the acting of the actresses of the film "Kajol" and "Shilpa Shetty" were also well appreciated and since this film, these three were given different recognition in the industry.

  But friends, do you know that according to the news, soon all of us are going to get part two of this super hit movie i.e. "Baazigar 2" movie, we will get it soon.

So that's why in this video of ours today, we are going to tell you about the movie Baazigar 2, which one will be the star cast, what will be the story and how long will the film come.

  If you also want to know all these things about Baazigar Two film then stay with us till the end of this video and also you should not forget to like our video for this hit film.

In the 1993 film "Baazigar" of director Abbas Mastan, Romance King was seen in the negative role of "Shahrukh Khan" "Ajay".
  Whose father was killed by "Dalip Tahil", his trusted employee, "Madan Chopra",
So it wants him to avenge his father's death by killing both of his daughters, so he first falls in love with Shilpa Shetty, his eldest daughter "Seema", becoming "Vicky Malhotra" and to marry him The registrar takes the office where he falls down from the roof and kills it, and makes the murder a suicide.

But now Kajol, who became Seema's sister "Priya", is convinced that her sister has not committed suicide, so she investigates the matter with her college friends and the police, but after killing Ajay Seema, Priya only becomes Vicky Gets caught in his web.

Meanwhile, Priya's friend gets a picture taken with Seema and Ajay, then Ajay kills her as well.

But after that a friend of Seema also comes to know about the truth of Ajay, after which he is also a caste of Ajay's hato,

But after a few days, Priya meets the real "Vicky Malhotra", "Adi Irani" who is Ajay's friend, whom she has identified after which Priya goes to the Ajay's house in Panvel to find out the reality of Ajay from Wiki. ,

Ajay comes home and tells his story to Priya after which he realizes that his father is wrong and then Madan comes and shoots Ajay in his hand but Madan injures him when his mother tries to save him. This makes Ajay angry and in return he kills him by stabbing him and lies down to his mother and falls into her arms and dies.

This was just the thriller-filled story of the film, which was liked by the audience so much, even today people still like to watch this film, currently this film has been a full 27 years and according to the news, celebrating the same thing,

The director of this film "Abbas Mastan" is coming soon with the movie "Baazigar 2", it is being told that the work on the story of the film has started and the film is going to be full of thriller like before, if the film talks It is being told that the star cast is getting fresh faces for the film's star cast, it is being told that "Aarav Kumar", son of "Akshay Kumar" of Shah Rukh Khan's role, has been selected while Kajol's role "Suhana Khan" daughter of "Shah Rukh Khan" has been cast and "Jannat Zubeer Rahmani" has been cast for the role of Shilpa Shetty, but none of them have any confirmation yet to work in the film. Have given ,

But right now the work is going on on the story of the film, which it seems that all of us will have to wait a long time for this film.

So friends, do you think that with the new star cast, will this film be a sequel hit or not ??? You must tell us your comments by commenting in the comment box and also to know such spicy news related to Bollywood. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel.
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