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Title - Adipurush Movie Trailer .....!

Friends, if there is any artist in the South Film Industry whose audience is eagerly waiting for the films, then it is Bahubali fame actor "Prabhas", who has won the hearts of the audience by becoming a Bahubali and sometimes becoming a don. He has also given him a lot of love, due to which every single film of his seems to wreak havoc at the box office and Prabhas once again with his big budget film "Adi Purush", keeping the same love from the audience. Those are the ones… .. Yes, you heard it right, we are going to see the Adi Purusha movie soon…!

So, in this video of our day, we will tell you about the Adi Purush movie, what will be the star cast, what will be the story, and when will the film come, if you also want to know about all these questions, then just be Stay with us till the end of this video and also for Bahubali fame Prabhas, do not forget to like our video!

Actor "Prabhas", who is seen with a unique look in each of his films, we are all aware of the likes of the Indian film industry, whose every film has been a blockbuster whether it is a badge movie, Mr. Perfect Ki, or the recent film "Sahu"! In every film, he has received a lot of praise from his unique viewers, while the Bahubali movie has also given him a different identity, due to which every person from Kashmir to Kanyakumari eagerly waits for his upcoming films, and the audience In the midst of maintaining his status, actor Prabhash will soon be seen on the big screen with Radheshyam Movie and another new name has been added to the list of his upcoming film which is named "Adi Purush"!

Yes, we are going to see "Adi Purush" movie soon after the upcoming film "Radheshyam" of actor "Prabhas", let us know that this film is being made under the direction of famous film director "Om Raut", which is 400 million The news of making in the budget is coming out .... Work has started on the story of this film, as well as more than half of the shooting of the film has been completed, whose story is going to be based on Lord Shri Ram, in this we The victory of truth over evil will be seen and many types of extra editing are going to be done in this film to present the same theme of the film on the screen, as well as in the film we are going to see tremendous climax, which is Hindi, Tamil Is to be released on the big screen with 5 languages ​​like Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam, while if we talk about the star cast of the film, then in the film, we are going to see actor Prabhas as the lead actor who is God in the film Saif Ali Khan of Bollywood will also be seen playing the role of Shri Ram ... Apart from this, Ananya Pandey and Bollywood's Singham actor Ajay Devgan are also going to be seen in the role of Ravana in the film, but where the actress Ananya Pandey is going to be seen in a sporting role in the film, the same Ajay Devgan film I will be seen doing cameo role!

But the characters of many of these actors have not been fixed yet, but the official announcement of the film has been done, and there are reports that we will soon get to see it in the last months of 2021 .... for which the audience There is a lot of excitement between us too!

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