Jack & Dil | Official Trailer | 2018

Jack & Dil | Official Trailer | 2018 | Amit Sadh | Arbaaz Khan | Sonal Chauhan | Evelyn Sharma

JACK and DIL is a modern day story of new age man Jack, carefree with little materialistic ambitions, earning as much to meet his daily needs. Jack’s only passion is to read detective novels so he could write one of his own too.

The problem starts when the penniless Jack falls in love with the idea of buying a dog. Rich businessman Mr.Walia (Arbaaz Khan) is keen to sell his dog but their meeting takes an altogether different turn.

Jack turns a detective and his quest to own the dog lands him into chasing the Businessman’s wife Shilpa ( Sonal Chauhan). The chase brings the two closer. But Jack’s deal is on the deadline to find out the mystery man in Shilpa’s life.

Shilpa narrates her love story with Walia who is now totally focused on his business. Jack admits to his affair with to the furious Walia who refuses to believe it. Finally he realises he has lost his totally neglected wife forever.

Jack Challenges Walia to woo her back. A challenge that is really tough for Walia. Does Walia take up the challenge or goes back to his business. Does Shilpa take a divorce or wins Walia back? Does Jack get his dog and his girlfriend back?

We Say: All this over a dog? Common, it may not be big budget production, but it seems like a time-waste to us sorry!

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