800 The Movie - Official Trailer (Hindi) | Madhurr Mittal | Ghibran | MS Sripathy

Presenting the untold story of a legend who spun his way to the top.

#800TheMovie Starring Madhurr Mittal as Muralidharan.

Movie - 800
Starring - Madhurr Mittal
Directed by MS Sripathy
Produced by Movie Train Motion Picture & Vivek Rangachari
Music Composer: Ghibran
Cinematographer: RD Rajasekar ISC
Editor: Praveen KL
Written by: MS Sripathy & Shehan Karunatilaka
Production Designer: Videsh
Costume Designers: Poorthi Pravin & Vipin PR
Line Producer: Kandhan Pitchumani
VFX Supervisor: Jithendra Vijaykumar

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